Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Winter Wonderland

It has snowed all day and continues to snow here, getting heavier by the hour.  Our house has 4-6 inches of powdery white snow depending where one measures.  The wind is blowing almost side ways here creating even deeper drifts of snow.  In my short lifetime, I have not seen snow like this in the Portland area.  On Mt. Hood when snowshoeing or sledding, but not here in my own backyard.  The pictures are of Leo watching snow from the window this morning, or 'Snow TV' as we call it.  He will sit for the longest time and just stare out the window at the snow.  Once outside, he is a total nut case romping and zooming about the backyard.    The other pictures are of our house this evening and front yard.  The one with the snowflakes was taken with the flash on, the second was taken without flash.  If you look closely you can see Frosty glowing brightly right at home in snow and wind.  Hope everyone is staying safe and warms with their families during this holiday season!

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Moon Dance Ranch said...

very cool photos!!

was good to chat with you today

we have a foot of snow havent seen it like this since i was a small boy! stay warm

Uncle Gary and Aunt Deb