Monday, December 22, 2008

Mail, Garbage, and Newspaper

This morning we finally did not receive a news paper.  So I ventured out with the snowshoes to a local convenience store to get a paper.  The mail was delivered, although I thought the truck might get stuck as the mail woman was turning around.  And for a second Monday in a row, no garbage service.  Enjoy the pictures!  

This is me all suited up with snowshoes headed out to find a newspaper.  You will notice that even with snowshoes, I am sinking 4-6 inches into the powder.  It was an enjoyable walk; calm, quiet, and snowy.  It felt like I was up in the Cascades snowshoeing with my friends with all the deep powdery snow.

Mail truck turning around with chained wheels spinning.

Mail woman fording the snow.

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