Sunday, December 21, 2008

Frozen Landscape

This is a picture looking from  our backyard towards a neighbors yard, every tree, bush, and shrub is frosted in snow and ice this morning.  Here are the latest pictures I have taken this morning of our yard.  We also had frosted front windows from the freezing rain which has since melted once our house warmed up.

This is our wreath on the front porch now flocked with snow and ice.

Looking from our front porch towards the street, a dogwood covered in ice.  Also, notice next to the parked cars that you cannot tell where the curb and sidewalk begin or end due to the deep snow.

Looking at our front yard from the porch, most  of the landscape rocks are covered in the deep snow.

This is the tree next to our front porch covered in ice.

A closer view of the maple tree in the backyard.  The wind blowing through this tree makes a crackling sound as the icy limbs knock against each other.

Here is a picture of the garden completely covered and the fence around it almost covered.

This is the hot tub with the first step covered in snow.

This is a picture of our maple tree in our backyard.  The patio steps and smaller landscape rocks are buried in snow.

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