Sunday, December 21, 2008

Leo and the Deep Snow

This week has been our first experience with Leo in the snow.  The first few snows he did okay as he was able to plow through the powder with his doggie four wheel drive.  We sanded the steps for him with kitty litter like the faithful road crews.  
Once the big snow started yesterday everything changed.  He did okay in the morning, but by last night the snow was up to his knees and he had to hop/jump to walk in it when going outside.  
We realized that maybe he needed his booties to keep the snow out of his paws.  This morning I booted him up and he took one look at the snow and reluctantly went down the steps which was a big mistake as he could barely navigate them in the deep snow now covered with an inch of crusty ice from the freezing rain.   Once down the stairs he could barely stand up on the ice in his booties, then awkwardly stumbles as he crashes through it into the powder.  I went out, retrieved the booties, and broke up a path for him to a space under a tree where the snow is not as deep.  He still is reluctant to go outside when he needs the bathroom.   Kelli wonders how people manage in the Midwest and east coast where deep snow is a regular occurrence.  

Leo bravely standing on the crust of ice sans booties.

Here is Leo sniffing the snow this morning.  Here he is still on top of the inch thick crust of ice.

Leo's water bucket outside long since frozen over, covered and almost buried in the deep snow.

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Laura said...

Hi guys! Isn't the snow fun. I, like Kelli - think this might turn into Fat Blast 08! So I trekked around on a 2 mile walk around Glendoveer. Do you guys have cabin fever yet? There's only so much tv watching that I can do. Have you guys taken Leo out for a walk in this snow? Laura