Wednesday, January 28, 2009

7 Random things about US

O.k., so we sound nerdier than random but here are 7 random things about us. Enjoy!

1) We are Costco freaks and go there weekly. (Kelli even drove there on "autopilot" this week instead of turning to go to a dentist appointment... )

2) We met in gym class... and have worked out a lot since then!

3) We like capers and cook with them often.

4) The Stephanie Inn is our FAVORITE place to stay in Oregon.

5) We read the paper every single morning (are we OLD or just keeping the Oregonian in business??)

6) We eat dinner together (at the dinning room table) every night. 

7) You could count the times that we've eaten fast food in the last year on one hand, and we only eat at Burgerville. :)

1 comment:

Mike said...

That is awesome that you guys like Costco so much. Cassie and I are the same way. I work pretty close to the Costco in Salem so I go there regularly and Cassie and I make bi-monthly trips also. It is a great store. In fact, we are going to buy new couches there in a day or two. I scoped them out today and took a pic on the cell phone so she could see them. Costco rocks!