Saturday, January 17, 2009

A post that does NOT have to do with snow..

O.k., I don't really have a lot to say but I'm tired of seeing snow on the blog so it's time to put up a new post! 

Our students are back in full force after the three week winter vacation. My second graders are getting so BIG that I was a little misty eyed to see them... they're growing and not looking like the little babies that I started the year with. 

Randy's first graders continue to crack me up.... 
Here's how a day last week went in his classroom: Randy wore a (very nice) sweater that I helped him pick out with his Christmas gift cards. It's a wool sweater with different colored gray and black stripes on it and looks just like it came out of a gap catalog (which it did...). Anyway, he came home and said that the kids hated it. One said, "Mr. King, why are you wearing your pajamas today?" another one commented, " Mr. King, you look like you just got out of jail!". 
Gee, we'll see if he wears THAT sweater again! Out of the mouths of babes!

Here's a picture of my newly shaved dog... anyone know of a GOOD groomer that knows what a doodle SHOULD look like?? Ugg, I can't believe how many groomers we've gone through and I've hated every cut. I don't want him shaved (and I say this!!) and I don't want a fluffy poodle. Heeelllooo people, is it really that hard? 

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Moon Dance Ranch said...

We want to see a photo of the jail bird shirt hee hee!!!