Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Doodle Romp and Tookie

Definition: Doodle romp- Gathering of labradoodles and goldendoodles, some of the most gentle and silly dogs that actually "romp" (think skip and leap) when they play!

I helped organize a doodle romp in Portland last weekend and Leo had a blast. I figured that one or two other crazy people would show up with their doodle but oh, no! We had 22 dogs and their very normal (and not crazy) owners! I was so happy!! 
I have also come to the conclusion that doodle owners are some of the very best people. It was fun and the dogs had a blast playing with each other. I now have my wish list set on an apricot doodle. We realized at the romp that Leo's more of a bleached blond boy... the apricot reds were very pretty. 

The other picture is of Tookie, my fabulous assistant's miniature toucan and OUR class pet in room 12! My students are soooo lucky!! They love to read to Tookie during reading time. It's really cute. :)

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Moon Dance Ranch said...

please let us know about your next rommping date. I would love to come and play

love Sadie Girl