Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Leo

Leo as his usual happy go-licky self.  The second picture is what Dave at daycare calls his 'Jack Nicolson' smile as the Joker.  Kelli spent five minutes with the camera last night and did nothing but have him sit and then took his picture.  What a ham!
In other news, we are looking forward to spring break and some down time from the kiddos at school, but we must survive conferences first!


Gary and said...

what a well behaved child!!

Yeah its spring break enjoy!!!

Gary Deb and boys

The Coburn Family said...

I think I love Leo! Especially that first picture. I really need to meet him.
Preston said "ooooooo...WOOF" when he saw Leo's picture.
Hope you guys had a good spring break - enjoy the last couple of days!