Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our First No Class Weekend!!!

This weekend marks our first month of not going to class.  We are busy today with a graduation ceremony, not as fancy as the real one in May in Cambridge, but it will still be fun to get together with our cohort mates and meet their families.  Tomorrow is another busy day with our graduation open house.  

In other news, Henry and Leo are fine, not friends yet, but they are sleeping in the same room at night.  Leo is enjoying showing how smart he is at his dog class and playing with his new dog friends at daycare once a week.  Henry is enjoying being himself and running the house, especially the recent sunny days watching birds from the windows.

Kelli and I are busy with school and looking forward to some down time over spring break!

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Gary and said...

hi Randy and Keli

we had a great time yesterday congrats. to you both the boys loved Leo do you get to go to cambidge? in may i dont even know where it is but sounds fun

have a great week Uncle Gary