Friday, April 11, 2008

Not a loyal blogger

Well, we're a little busy to be loyal blog posters but, believe me we do love blogging. We are loyal fans to the Coburn family blog as well as our grad blog. We ourselves however do forget to post!! We just read and contribute to your wonderful blogs!

O.k. blog buddies here goes:

We are still happy to be done with grad school. We praise the Lord every weekend that we're done and can move on with our lives!! See our happy faces above at the Portland graduation. (We will not be going back to Cambridge for the actual ceremony)

Randy and I just received our new contracts which promise us teaching positions for what seems like forever. Always a good thing. I was "informed" that I'll be teaching a 1/2 blended class (this will hopefully change to a 2nd grade position after we look at what our applicant pool looks like- my building is hiring at almost all grade levels..) and Randy is staying at 1st grade. 
Leo graduated from dog class last weekend! Yea, Leo!! We knew you were a smart boy. I'll try and post a picture of that monumental event. Unfortunately Randy's hand is in every picture so just excuse that. 

In other news, if you get a chance google: lord save us from your followers. This is a great documentary done by a producer at our church. After being shown at several churches it is actually going to hit the secular market. Great press for real salvation and not the wacko-ness that some attribute to the church. 

Check back, I might just post again!



Gary and said...

love the pitures of you and all your parents. very cool your contracts were renewed we know that take a load oof

love you too bunches

the Coopers

The Coburn Family said...

Love the graduation pics (especially Leo's, I need to meet that smart dog - do you think Izzy could take lessons from him?).
I've been waiting for a blog update, it gives me a way to fill my boring Montana days.