Monday, September 1, 2008

Hardly a graduate...

Leo has been enrolled in the 'Intermediate' dog training class at Petsmart for the past 8 weeks. His final class and graduation was this weekend. 

(REMINDER:  He aced through his beginner class and was the start of the class) 

Leo not only failed his doggy test yesterday, he failed miserably! He needed to come to Randy and I with a ton of distractions (toys) in between us and he was supposed to ignore all of the toys and just come to us... He did come (eventually) after he picked up every single toy in his mouth all at once to bring to us. Yikes! He would have done great had those toys not been there!
Oh, well! 

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Jim said...

Well I must say I am sure not very proud of Leo right now. A granddog of mine failing in school. He needs to spend a week or two and Poppa's boot camp to get him back on track. You are far to soft on him. He needs a good old boot in just the right place to get him on track. Love, Dad