Saturday, September 13, 2008

4 weeks...

...Since my last act as an untrained circus monkey.  
I found out this week after meeting with an orthopedic specialist that I should have had surgery on my hand.  My hand will end up healing okay, but surgery would have been a better option.  Regardless, I have began therapy on getting the movement back in my stiff fingers.  To quote a first grader when I came to school with my new brace, "Yeah for fingers!"  I am supposed to now be moving fingers and doing finger exercises. 
 I learned last night in therapy that some crock pots have odd contents.  At the therapy office it was full of liquid paraffin wax which I dipped my hand in for heat therapy.  I think it was a nice treatment for my dry skin.   I hope this finds everyone doing well.  Another relaxing Saturday in paradise here, if the sun ever comes out there will be yard work. 

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