Monday, July 14, 2008

Fun Filled Weekend!

We spent this weekend enjoying a little down time while camping at Stub Stewart. It was a very warm and relaxing time. 
We now want a motor home more than ever as every site at Stub has full hookup. We looked like the poor kids camping out in a tent! I'm afraid we'd never be home in the summer with a motor home, though. Randy was even thinking of ways that we could take Henry with us so that he wouldn't be home alone while Leo is off having the time of his life...

Randy is back to work this morning and I am cherishing the fact that I'm done with summer school! I slept in (which Leo did as well) and did a little "sale preview" shopping at Nordstrom today, which would make it a  perfect "10" day on my scale!


Jim said...

Good Job Keli! Dad

The Coburn Family said...

Leo looks like he's having so much fun!
I wish I could've been there to go shopping with you.

Erin said...

Hey Guys! Had a great time with you guys at Toni's and can't wait to hang out again. Also enjoyed Leo- he's a ton of fun and it is neat to see you as doggy parents :) Just wanted to post a comment and say I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and can't wait for more posts. I'm very excited to add another blog to my reading list.