Monday, June 15, 2009

School's Out.... for the summer!

We had a very busy week and an even busier weekend!

We had to go to school today for a work day but our students were out last Friday so it was a jam packed week filled with mixed emotions. This weekend we helped my dad celebrate his birthday (a little early) by joining him for a Beaver's game in an awesome suite! It was very fun and I don't think that I can sit in the stands at a baseball game again! The suite had leather furniture, a bar, tons of snacks, hot food, a large flat screen, heated outdoor seats and a fun server that waits on you constantly and makes sure you're having a great time!
We also celebrated our nephew Alex's high school graduation with family. Congratulations Alex! We're very proud of you!!
Then, it was off to a wedding for one of my cousins on Saturday night. It was a beautifully intimate outdoor wedding. Very fun!
We also shadowed the PromiseLand shepherds at church this Sunday as we will be teaching (shepherding) the third graders this summer while the regular teacher's take the summer off. It will be a great way for us to connect with the kids and we feel blessed to be able to serve! We will be teaching at the noon service so we'll be joining the 10:30 crowd for church during the summer.
I also had the pleasure of going to a bridal shower Sunday afternoon for my second cousin, Jamie. It's really neat to see all of the new and trendy housewares and wedding stuff since we got married. It's also fun to have a "second wave" of weddings in the family since Cori and I got married 4 summers ago. Fun!

Let the summer fun begin!

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